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11 Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Combos


gray and white
Photo credit: Its Great To Be Home / Flickr

Interested in updating the look of your kitchen by giving your cabinets a pop of color? Consider the following color combo ideas.

11. Grey and White

To give your kitchen a cool and modern ambience, this duo is a great way to do so.

10. Blue and Brown

If you have a transitional style home, warm chocolate and robin’s egg blue could be the perfect combination for your kitchen cabinets.

9. Red and Yellow

This color combination has served as a popular option in kitchens in Europe for many years and offers a regal look that will be right at home in a country cottage or a manor kitchen.

8. Orange and Green

Give your kitchen a revitalized look when you introduce these juicy tones. Pair with rich woodwork to add a touch of warmth.

7. Yellow and White

Say goodbye to the yellows of yesterday and hello to contemporary hues for a lovely and fresh look.

6. White and Orange

For a fresh look, give your kitchen a citrus-inspired design. With so many shades of orange available, it is easy to choose one that will bring a bold touch to your kitchen or keep it subtle. When combined with a bright white or a soft cream, these hues will give your kitchen a look you will love.

5. Black and White

A perennial favorite, this traditional color option works just as well with vintage designs as it does with sleek, modern kitchens.

4. Blue and Black

Blue has been a soothing and popular shade for years. If you like the idea of a country concept, opt for slate blue countered with a touch of modern black to keep things balanced.

3. Red and White

When you want to spice things up in the kitchen, this color combo is a surefire way to do it. It also happens to lend itself well to Asian-inspired designs.

2. Green and Silver

Think stainless steel and soft green for a look that is calming and still contemporary.

1. Grey and Brown

If you desire a cool, modern look, grey and brown is a great way to accomplish your goals.