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15 Best Ideas for Small Bedrooms

12. Desk Your Bedside Table

11. Desk Your Bedside Table

11. Desk Your Bedside Table
Photo credit: Bonsoni.com / Flickr


Multipurpose items are perfect for small areas, and your bedside table can double as your desk. In order to make your bedside table multipurpose, slide in a tiny, sleek, modern chair to keep the space open and clutter free. The tinier the chair – the better since you are already working with a small space.

It is suggested to go with a steel chair or something with a modern appearance as it will open up the room and encourage a free-flowing appeal. Anything big and bulky will take away from the space, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do by multi purposing your bedside table.

You can further open the space by opting for a bedside table that is uncovered and exposed, as opposed to having drawers. Although it takes away from potential storage space, it does serve the concept of being multipurpose without taking away valuable and limited space.

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be a crowded mess of clothing, furniture and clutter. Often times, it’s just about choosing the right fabrics, materials, colors and designs, and putting a touch of creativity into the room. These innovative ideas will open up the area and provide you with unique ways to utilize the small space that you have.

You can guarantee that every nook and cranny of your tiny bedroom will serve many purposes, and potentially more than just one. Gone are unusable corners and odd angles. These are the elements that your room is about to thrive on.

Turning mandatory furniture pieces into multipurpose items will add more value to the tiny space, without taking away from the limited area that you have to enjoy. Small bedrooms can serve many more purposes than just for sleep and clothing storage. Placing a stool beside your bedside table or at the corner of your dresser instantly turns them into a desk as well.