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15 Best Ideas for Small Bedrooms

15. Get Rid of the Door

14. Get Rid of the Door

14. Get Rid of the Door
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This might sound absolutely absurd to some, but to others it is a very realistic possibility. Depending on the layout of your home, and with whom you share it with, you may want to consider the option of completely removing your bedroom door. Within seconds, your room could be opened up to an entirely different feel and illusion in size.

Without a door, you still need some privacy and this is when the endless possibilities come into play. Hanging beads is the most affordable way to still get that little dose of seclusion without having to break the bank or renovate. With a couple dollars spent, you could be closing off your room without closing the entire room all together.

Another option is to explore different door types. French doors are incredible because the glass allows you to see right through which provides the illusion that your room has much more space than it actually does. You won’t feel the walls closing in on you when in your bedroom either. With some light curtains, you can still be enjoying the same amount of privacy as you would with a big, bulky, wood door.

Implementing a sliding door for your bedroom is also an excellent way to get the same kind of seclusion, but also providing yourself with the option to completely open up the area. Opt to have the door slide into the wall, or along the wall – both will serve the same purpose.

If you do not want to take on the task of removing your door, you can simply add a mirror to the back of it. The larger the better, as mirrors reflect the illusion of the room extending well past what it actually does. This will also make your door multipurpose, which is vital for small bedrooms.