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15 Best Ideas for Small Bedrooms


15. Go With The Contemporary
Photo credit: Mikhail Golub / Flickr


This is the only place in your home where you can finally get the rest and relaxation that you desire, and if you cringe every time you walk into your bedroom, you aren’t likely to feel the serenity that you deserve. Fortunately, revamping your small bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be a tedious task. You’ll be surprised at the simple changes that will make all of the difference in your bedroom style and design, and of course, the way you catch some Z’s within it. Here are some easy ways to take advantage of your small bedroom.

15. Go With The Contemporary

A surefire way to instantly open up your small bedroom is to stick with the contemporary style of interior design. This is essentially the concept of leaving your bedroom details to the bare minimum, and thriving on it. It is also the trendiest design within the interior design industry at this time, and due to the lack of a statement and details, it is a timeless option. In other words, it will be just as trendy 50 years from now.

The contemporary concept can easily be applied to any room, especially for your small bedroom. First, get rid of all bulky furniture pieces. Although natural resources are a good look, it is too big and thick for your tiny area. Instead, opt for furniture that is metal and sleek. Doing so will provide a free-flowing appeal well throughout the walls of your bedroom.

Secondly, stick with basic colors. Lights, whites, creams and nothing else. Often times, white is the best way to go with a contemporary design. To add a little bit of personality, you can place focus on knick-knacks and accent tones. Metallics are an excellent choice for an accent color as it will also reflect and emphasize the illusion of the bedroom being larger.

Thirdly, strip it down. The majority of contemporary homes leave the ceiling beams showing and really accentuate the ‘gutted’ look of a home – only in a flawless, yet effortless way. The best way to achieve this is if you have slanted ceilings or a bedroom in the attic. Keep those unfinished details prominent in the room as it is trendy and chic.

Contemporary is an essential for small areas within your home, and it’s comforting and neutral enough for some rest and relaxation that you desire for your bedroom. There are a variety of other ways to make your tiny bedroom much larger than what it currently is though.