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11 Best Ideas for Organizing Your Garage


Photo credit: Brandy / Flickr

If things are getting so out of hand that you think you might have to start parking the car on your driveway, wait! It’s not too late to tame the beast and win back some precious space in your garage. Here are 11 easy DIY projects that will help get your garage organized and leave you with room to spare.

11. Get Some Horses

Building a few sturdy saw horses and having some spare sheets of plywood or old doors will give you a lot of added flexibility in your garage. You can use them for temporary table legs for a big backyard get together or when you are asked to help out at the neighborhood rummage sale. You can also move a job outside like cutting rain gutters, building a trellis or setting up a temporary potting table.

10. Drop Ceiling

To add out-of-the-way storage for things that you only occasionally use like camping equipment and Christmas decorations, you can build a platform that is suspended from the ceiling. Hardboard or wire storage racks can be suspended from the ceiling to create extra shelf space.

You can also locate the shelf against one wall and then secure the outside edge of the shelf with steel brackets to the ceiling.

9. A Place for Tools

We have Julia Child to thank for introducing French cooking to the American public and we have her husband to thank for introducing the peg board organizing system. Child’s pegboard organizer, with the location of each pot mapped in black marker, is now kept on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

A classic peg board organizer to hold your tools is a great compliment to your work bench. Endlessly versatile, pegboards have been around for so long that you can often pick up used hooks and holders at garage sales.

8. Work Bench

A solid work bench with a vice, grinder and maybe a small drill press and bench sander will make easy work of most of your day-to-day home maintenance projects. You can buy prebuilt and expensive or keep an eye out at your local reuse center or online for a high quality institutional grade door.

Hospital, office building and school renovations often generate some great quality items that can be used as or repurposed as a sturdy workbench. An old solid wood desk or a maple security door can make great workbench material.

7. Wall Systems

Several wall storage systems are available that you can install yourself. Slat wall systems that support hooks and baskets, peg board systems or single track systems are all great for getting garden tools and sports equipment organized and off the floor.

New systems are rugged, easy to install and have a wide array of hooks, clips, shelves and cabinets. Storage attachments, however, may be specific to that system and not interchangeable.