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Do I Really NEED that Permit?

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Reusing Broken Ceramic Planting Pots

Ceramic planting pots come in all shapes and sizes. Simple terracotta designs have a rustic look that make them perfect for the unpretentious container garden. These inexpensive pots can be painted and stenciled for a custom look. More elegant ceramics come finished in a variety of colors and textures, and these stately landscaping accents can...


Removing Dandelion Weeds


Dandelions are the bane of most lawn enthusiasts. Unless you're an organic foods fan and plan to eat them (and they do make a good addition to a salad), you probably want...


Getting Rid Of Silverfish


Although they don’t often cause much damage, silverfish eat paper and paper products. In large numbers, silverfish can eat through wallpaper, books, boxes, some fabrics, cereals, fur and other starchy...


Range Or Cooktop?


Whether you're remodeling the whole kitchen or just considering new appliances, some homeowners find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to deciding between a cooktop wall oven combo and...